Visionary Life

PH D Sophia Lovgren & VISIONARY LIFE 

Visionary Life with CEO Ph D Sophia Lovgren offers services for your inspiration, knowledge and personal development. 

  • This is for You that knows deep down inside that you still not has reached your fullest potential - who knows that there is so much more inside you that wants to be seen, recognized and shared!

  • This is for You who feel you have given so much to other people, that you somehow have forgot to give to yourself!

  • This is for You who feels that now you are more ready than ever, to choose the path less travelled - because your are simply ready!

Continuous learning and development is one key factor to well-being and success both in your career and personal life.

With the help of online courses, lectures and worshops or personal coaching You have unique resources to develop your talents and passions and become the fullest and most true version of yourself!

We all have unique gifts, that we are meant to develop and let blossom, for both ourselves and other people. We are all meant to live our lives in a way that lets our light shine!

It is never too late and it is never too soon!  

Ph D Sophia Lovgren is a coach and consultant, with uniqe competence in strategic transformation both on individual level and in organizations. Sophia has had several leadership positions in different NGO organizations and in universities.

Sophia is CEO at Visionary Life, which she started in 2004. Since 2004 she has offered inspirational lectures and workshops about leadership management, honest and radical communication in both personal relationships and in organizations and personal development.

Sophia is the author of 10+ books as well as hundreds articles and reports. She has a passion for writing and offers her service as writer, content editor and author's coach. Sophia lives both in Sweden and in Gambia, and offers courses in both countries, bot works also in several other European countries.