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"Should I stay or should I go?"

Achieve Relation Mastery in current and future relations.

Discover the basic qualities that characterises lasting relations: Finally transform your relation for either a loving break-up or renewed vows!

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Do you long for feeling more unity and love? Have you been questioning your current relation for some time now? This course will support your journey in both getting clear on how you want to continue with your current relation and create a new foundation within you, where your enhanced self-esteem will assure you will not find yourself in unloving or destructive relations.

In this course you will get access to

  • The Compass of Life strategy where you combined with The Wheel of Life map will come to an understanding where you are in life and where you want to go.
  • The Relationship Tree model, which pinpoints with a unique clarity the essence of your current relation. Learn the three most important qualities for a relation to last.
  • The Juhari Window for Couples tool, that focus on how both you, your partner and your family and friends view your relation – which in turn will be a radical eye-opener.
  • The Transformational Diary, to support your continuous process.


This course will not only radically change your current and future relation, it will transform your life. It will give you the courage you need to choose YOU in your life. With online sessions completed with group coaching and study material you will complete on your own, you will develop more appropriate tools to handle your feelings about not feeling good enough or loved. You will become a stronger and more connected version of you, to be a desired role-model for your children and a loving contributor for your society.



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As a complement to the cvourse (or as an alternative) you may also book coaching sessions privately with Sophia. Focus will be on You finding your sense of coherence, through both teoretical work with the components Comprohensibility, Maneagebility and Meaningfulness and practical work (for instance with The Work, created by Byron Katie). In general we will together have a dialogue concerning three easy but complex questions, which we will discuss in detail (inspired by Neale Donald Walsch):

- Who are you?

_ Where are You in life?

- Why are You where You are in life?

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Course in English will come soon.


Everybody got a story to tell. We all have a desire to express ourselves. To leave something about ourselves to the coming generations. To tell the story on how we overcame challenges, in order to inspire other people. To share motivation to other human beings.

In our way to create our story there is obstacles and hesitations. When it comes to writing, it can be doubts if the story is good enough. Maybe you are wondering if other people understands what you are trying to express. And in our everyday life there can also be difficult to get the time you need, to be able to write. And maybe you don't really know how to proceed with your script, once you are finished writing it.

All these questions and many more, you will have answers to in a free mini course! And if you choose, you can continue to Author's School.

The course is so far in Swedish only, English version will come soon.



Do you want personal support and inspiration around your writing process, that the course Author's School cannot provide? Then you can choose Author's Coaching and individual mentorship alternativeky Mastermind Visionary Life, which will offer the community of a safe group.

With Author's Coaaching you will get individual comments, advices and guidelines in how you can proceed with your writing. 

In Mastermind Visionary Life you will be in a safe group, where you can have your text read and discussed in the group as well as the opportunity to read other people's texts. 

For the moment being, services that are offered are:

Speaker in subjects like Communication and Leadership, Positive thinking and personal development and Custody conflicts and single parents. See down below.

Workshop leader / Change & Transformation Agent, for groups, networks, organizations or companies as well as in debates, conferences and hearings. Go here.

Writer or Content Editor for Authors or Author's Coach, go here for more information (for the moment only in Swedish). Contact me for English information. See also down below..

Transformational Coach, contact Sophia for more information.

Sophia as a Speaker

With the right mixture of humour and seriousness Sophia combine scientific knowledge, passions and interests in life with a never-lasting wonder to life. Sophias respectful and direct approach with the audience, creates an unique warmth and enthusiasm. 

Sophias experience comes from her leadership positions over ten years in both university and three non-governmental organizations, as well as her experience as coach and consultant. Sophia knowledge comes from her Ph D in sociology and roles as professor, researcher and author.

Sophia as a Writer / Content Editor / Author's Coach

Over the years Sophia have written more than 15 books and reports as well as over 100 articles..

To use Sophias service as an author, is to use her passion to communicate in the very best way.


Writer: Sophia will basically write your story, as you want it. 

Content editor: Sophia will read your text and edit it, but with respect of your intention with your story.

Author's Coach: Sophia will coach you, so you can be able to write your own story.

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Sophias belief system

Quantum physics teaches us that we are in the universe in the same way as the universe is in us. When we observe an object outside of us, we are effected in some way depending on our beliefs and emotions towards that object. But at the same time the object in itself is equally effected - by our way of thinking about it. This way nothing is neutral. And this way we have the possibility to affect and change ourselves as well as our reality. We are responsible for our own life.

Neuroscience teaches us that we not only have a complex nervous system; every single neuron is in itself complex. Billions of neurons work together in our brain to generate a conscious experience of ourselves and of our reality. Our neural circuits shows us our beliefs, that really is nothing else but our brain who draws conclusions about our present and future time based on past time. if we want to consciously change our reality, that is if we want to gear our life and our reality to get more positive results, we need to change our neural circuits.