Channelings have existed throughout human history. Channelers were perhaps then called seers, oracles or maybe witches. Regardless of label, there are some human beings who can be of service to other human beings, in being able to distinct their own inner voice (and inner seeing / inner feeling) apart from the words, images or feelings that comes in from a higher dimension.

Every human being can be a channel, not at least when it comes to seeking guidance for themselves. In fact, all young children are probably excellent channels, which they later on learn how to forget. But in times of uncertainty or even chaos, it can be quite difficult to listen to inner messages. It is not easy to focus on that small inner voice, when your human brain are occupied planning out different solutions and your ego are panicking.

A channeled message gives you a broader perspective, with the understanding that you are a powerful spiritual being - having a human experience. A channeled message supports your soul's and heart's desire for expansion, with love, wisdom and inspiration.

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Time: 45 minuter.

Price: 100 EURO for first consultation, with discount for further consultation.

Get clarity, courage and inspiration to follow your dreams, pursue your goals and set yourself free from boundaries and regulations that are intended to dim your light! Your biggest fear is not that you will fail, your biggest fear is that you will  succeed. To step out of your comfort zone, and reach for the stars, requires only for you to take the following steps:

Love and forgive yourself completely.

Love and forgive other human beings completely.

See yourself worthy of all your dreams and more than that!

Manifest, realize, allow and receive.

Be Divine Love.

What can a channeled message offer you?

Clarity, certainty and courage to go beoynd your limited human self.

Support to open up to broader perspectives in unique, personal ways - which will place you in an expanded state where infinite and uncontional love, intelligence, abundance, prosperity and wellness are your new reality.

Wisdom and inspiration to live the life of your dreams.

During the month of July and August, you will get your first consultation with 25% discount (100 EUR, with discount 75 EUR).

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What is a channeled message?

A channeled message is a message of any kind, that is based on love, which comes to you as words, a song, animals showing up or other signs coming into your world.

The message can be from your Higher Self, from groups or singularities of beings from other dimension or from souls you are connected to, that have had a human experience. It can also be from a previous lifetime, from an animal that has passed or elementals and other nature spirits.

Regardless from Source (yes, it is all One Source) the message contains a higher level of consciousness and a grander perspective oif the human experience.

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What can a channeled message offer you?

If you are a new customer, you are entitled to purchase a consultation of 45 minutes, for the price of 75 EUR. (Ordinary price 100 EUR.)


How to activate your discount:

Book appointment and pay (see above link), andas a massage in PayPal write new23.

When you book your time, you will receive a mail with confirmation and a link to Google Meet or Zoom. Make sure you are in time when the consultation starts, it is a good idea to join the meeting five minutes before and test camera and sound. The consultation will be recorded, and sent to your mail. (This might take some days.)

The consultation consists of an introduction made by Sophia, for maximum 5-10 minutes, followed by a channeled message for approximately 30 minutes. In the end of the consultation, you will have an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarifications.

What is a channeled message?

Channelings from the Collective Consciousness of All that Is

We are so pleased to be in contact with you, reading this text. It doesn’t matter who you are or why you are reading this text. Regardless of age, gender, skin color and all other quite small and insignificant but still charming and sweet details, you share the same Divine essence as all other human beings on Mother Earth. You have a soul and your beautiful soul are connected to all other souls on this planet.And humankind are connected to all of us in this universe and below. Yes, you want to think of yourself as the only ones? Well, you have the right to choose how you want to think and we would never interfere with that. And we love you regardless what you think. But our words to you will only be words of love, truth and joy.


Because yes, thereare many reasons to be happy. First of all, you are Master of your reality. Your thoughts and feelings will create your words and actions. And this will shape how you perceive your reality. What you anticipate, you will get, regardless if you anticipate love and joy wherever you go or fear and hate.


Second, yes you are guided. All of you have at least once in your life experienced an inner voiceor an inner feeling that somehow made you do or not do a certain thing. Which turned out to be the best choice in that situation. Many of you have experienced this and much stronger experiences many times. Some of you are even living yourday-to-day life by following these messages, which we can call it. And a few of you have become Masters in creating their realities, experiencing nothing but love, truth and joy. There are only a few of you now, but all human beings can get there. And will, eventually.


Third, deep down your Divine and Eternal Soul don’t really want anyone, not even someone you are certain are wiser than you, to give you detailed instructions on how to live your life. You really don’t want that, even though it might feel like that when you are having problems. There are no right answers how to live life. But what we can offer, is an invitation to take a broader perspective on your life and current situation, and realize you are in fact responsible for your inner and outer life but at the same time you also have access to both your inner Divine knowledge and loving guidance all around you. Just because you don’t see it,doesn’t mean it is not there. And it is by asking, that the answers will come to you.


So we invite you to start asking the most important questions you have. Ask Who am I, really? Whyam I here? Do I have a unique purpose on Earth? How can I progress further in life, overcoming my inner obstacles and short-comings? 

Ask, ask, ask! We are not promising that we will answer all your questions, because many of them you need to figure out yourself, but what we do promise is that if you wish we will support, inspire and guide your expansion further in becoming a loving, authenticand joyous human being, living in abundance, prosperity and well-being.


We love you. We love you. We love you.


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